Denise Tervo PhD. is a licensed psychologist, supervisor and trainer in private practice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has worked with adults, children and families and clinical supervision groups for over thirty years in various capacities. Denise is also a faculty member of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and teaches in the Gestalt Therapy Program, working with Physical Process and Child and Adolescent training programs.

She has taught locally and internationally. Presently she is a part time instructor in the Counselor Education program at Duquesne University. Her chapter on ” Physical Process with Children and Adolescents’ in is the The Heart of Development(Vol 1) (2002) Ed. by M. McConville and G. Wheeler. Her article. Zig Zag Flop and Roll: Creating an embodied field for healing and awareness when working with children was just published by the British Gestalt Journal (2007)

Denise integrates body process and energy awareness in her clinical practice. Her work with trauma patterns and fixed Gestalts emphasizes growth, health, flexibility and personal empowerment.