The Childbearing Program by Dinnie Goldring will continue this fall with trainings on Post-partum (October) and on Pregnancy Loss (December)

The Childrbaring Program by Dinnie Goldring will continue this fall with trainings on Post-partum (October) and on Pregnancy Loss (December)
Dates and details to follow!

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Fall Seminar series registration is now open!

Fall Seminar series registration is now open.  Go to the Seminar tab for more information on our expanded seminar training series for this fall.



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Maura and Tom: Advanced Theory and Practice of Gestalt techniques

Maura and Tom conducting the first of the Institute Graduates classes for 2016 on the topic: Advanced Theory and Practice of Gestalt techniques.

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Another great weekend at the Gestalt Institute!

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Members of the Epsilon cohort attend Art Exhibit of cohort member Dafna Rehavia Hanauer at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

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Dinnie Goldring Presenting The Childbearing Years: Treating Women Through Pregnancy, Birth, and the Postpartum Period

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Epsilon Cohort First Weekend Training 2015

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Gestalt Institute of Pittsburgh Holiday Party 2015

Please join us for our Holiday Party/Gestalt Reunion. Network with the community of Gestalt Institute Graduates, Trainees and Friends. Great fun, great food. Dance to the music of DJ Karac. Bring an instrument. Bring your business cards. Bring your family and friends! (Children under 12 free admission).
Get More Information
Register Now!

Friday November 13, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST

The Bulgarian Macedonian Cultural Education Center
449 W 8th Ave
Homestead, PA 15120
We hope to see you there!

Thomas Petrone
Gestalt Institute of Pittsburgh

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The Gestalt Institute Seminars

The Gestalt Institute Seminars
We are currently forming our Fall 2016 seminar series that will include workshops on:
A Gestalt Perspective in Treating Trauma

Gestalt Theory and Application

Working with Women During the Postpartum Period

Working with Women’s Experience of Pregnancy Loss

A Gestalt Perspective on Building and Sustaining A Successful Private Practice

Check back soon for more information!

Tel: (412) 421 – 2205
Fax: (412) 421 – 2750

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Beta Graduation

Beta Graduation



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